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Who are we ?

The Diehard unit has a fifty strong membership and we are members of the Victorian Military Society, an internationally respected study organisation that covers the period 1837 to 1914. Founded in 1993 we represent a number of images of the late Victorian Soldier, both on campaign and on home service.

The unit has regularly worked for many prestigious sponsors including English Heritage, The Royal Armouries, The National Army Museum and both South African and Maltese Tourist Boards. We were awarded the Military Illustrated “Best of British Re-enactment Group” trophy in 1998.

What do we do?

We populate period barracks and sites, bringing them to life. Whilst the public is on site we carry out a number of activities that can either be watched, such as signalling displays, guard mounting, church parades etc or are interactive such as recruiting parties and lectures on kit and equipment. We also carry out set piece arena shows (for about 25 to 30 minutes) featuring show and tell displays of kit and equipment, drill and tactical manoeuvres and firing displays using Martini Henry rifles of the period.

We believe in bringing history alive and are very high profile user friendly, with plenty of hands on experiences for the general public.

Who have we worked for?

Our past clients include regular events for English Heritage, the Royal Armouries, National Army Museum and Aldershot Military Museum Service. We have worked for numerous councils and event organisers and are well disciplined and a reliable unit. Overseas clients included the Maltese Heritage Commission (in 1997) and kwaZulu Natal Heritage (in 1999). In both cases we were fully sponsored to take around 35 unit member out in the first instance for 10 days to mark the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Jubilee Lines in Malta in 1897 and in the second re-enact the battle of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift on the sites 120 years to the day later. In 2006 we were invited to take part in the Changing of the Guard ceremony celebrating the the 100 anniversary of the British Army leaving Canada.

We have worked on a number of television and film productions including Channel 5’s documentary ‘Zulu – the Warriors return’ that was about our trip to South Africa in 1999. We have also worked as historical advisors and trainers for films like the remake of “The Four Feathers“.


What people have said about 'The Diehards'

  • The Victorian period has leant itself to some of the finest living history groups - The Diehards group are of the very highest standards

    Phillip Elliot WrightRe-enactment correspondent - Military Illustrated
  • The Diehards are a unit which has gone to great lengths to research and recreate their period with as much authentic equipment as possible. They are a friendly group who present a comprehensive display which is enjoyed by all who make their acquaintance

    John NorrisRe-enactment correspondent - Gunmart
  • The symbolic appeal of using The Diehards was obvious and their professionalism more than stood them in good stead

    Ian KnightAuthor
  • There are no make do and mend merchants in The Diehards Company, they are justifiably proud of their impeccable drill and discipline

    Neil BellEditor - Revival Magazine
  • We are so happy to see and meet the redcoats again. It is a wonderful day for the Zulu nation

    Northern Natal Courier
  • The presence here today of The Diehards has made this a very special commemoration - it shows how we can transform the celebration of the past into a commitment to build a better future

    Chief Buthelezi

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