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Although the company was formed to portray an 1880’s home service unit it was obvious that we would be associated with the most well known actions of the period – the Zulu War from an early stage.

In 1994 we portrayed the 24th Foot in the Cromwell Productions video “Campaigns in History Rorkes Drift”

In 1999 we took part in the 120th Anniversary events in Zululand. In January the Company made a 6,000 mile trip to the battlefields of the Anglo Zulu War to stand with the kwaZulu people 120 years to the day on the sites to commemorate and honour the fallen from both sides of the conflict.
Here a few images from the the 120th Anniversary events from 1999.

In 1999 the video “Blood Mountain” was released

In 1999 we featured in Channel 4’s documentary ”Great Military blunders” as the 24th at Isandlwana.
In 2000 we appeared in the History Channels “In the line of fire” series as the 24th at Rorkes Drift
In 2001 we were honour guard at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea for Chard, Bromhead and two other VCs public displays
In Oct 2001 1½ million people in the UK watched Channel 5s documentary “Zulu the warriors return” on our trip to Zululand.

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